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Making Unpleasant tasks more tolerable.

     Dupree Products proudly manufactures the Twis-Loc termination valve in both Manual and Air-powered versions. The Twis-Loc valve was orginally developed and marketed as the Owens Valve in 1964. It has been in production ever since. The Twis-Loc Valve has been installed by many manufacturers during this time such as, Airstream, SilverStreak, Bluebird, Newell and numerous other bus and recreational vehicle manufacturers. 
     The Air-powered version of the Twis-Loc valve was developed in 1985 and has enjoyed considerable success since then. It is a dependable, fast acting valve which opens and closes in under 1 second.
     We also manufacture a holding tank chemical, Treatzall TM This product contains no formaldehyde, dyes, or fragrances.
     In addition, we offer other products designed to improve the enjoyment of your recreational travels.
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