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Tired of chasing your sewer hose around the dumping station?  Then this is the product for you.
This hose will stay where you put it and collapses to a manageable size when not needed.

21 Feet when fully extended, 64 Inches when collapsed.
It can be extended to any length up to 21 Feet.

Thickest polyolefin available.
UV Protected, will last for years.
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Twis-Loc Termination Kit
Twis-Loc Termination Kit
Our Price: $21.50

The Twis-Loc termination system provides a truly durable sewer hose connection. Six sturdy lugs secure the 45° adapter to the lug ring, providing a leak tight seal. The locking ring is larger than other brands allowing for more torque being applied with less effort.
Simply glue the lug ring onto the 3" discharge pipe from your termination valves.
The kit comes with a lug ring, 45° sewer hose adapter, locking ring and termination cap.
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Sewer Hose
Sewer Hose
Our Price: $99.50

The "Housebroken" Sewer Hose. 64" Collapsed, 21' extended
Available in Brown or White
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