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Our Price: $9.75

Replacement seal for gate valves
Requires disassembly and reuse of valve gate,end cap, o-rings, spring, washer ,screws and handle
Our Price: $15.15

Valve Gate & Seal Assembly
Our Price: $15.20

Replacement Valve Gate comes with Main Seal. Requires disassembly of valve and re-use of end cap, handle, O-rings, spring, washer and screws.
Twis-Loc Termination Kit
Our Price: $21.50

The Twis-Loc termination system provides a truly durable sewer hose connection. Six sturdy lugs secure the 45° adapter to the lug ring, providing a leak tight seal. The locking ring is larger than other brands allowing for more torque being applied with less effort.
Simply glue the lug ring onto the 3" discharge pipe from your termination valves.
The kit comes with a lug ring, 45° sewer hose adapter, locking ring and termination cap.
Valve Assembly, Less housing, Manual
Our Price: $27.95

We recommend replacing the entire Valve assembly to ensure renewal of all the seals in the valve.
3" Manual Valve
Our Price: $38.10

Complete Valve Assembly
Twis-Loc Manual Valve, Hub inlet & outlet
Our Price: $39.90

Manual Valve with a hub inlet and outlet
Mounts in systems using a permanent outlet hose
Used in many MCI bus applications